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Easy To Do Hairstyles For Tender-Headed Women

Are you known for being tender-headed? Scalp tenderness is a condition when someone has a sensitive-to-touch scalp and any form of tension. The term “tender-headed” is very popular among women as they are the ones who often get their hair brushed, combed, and twisted. Plenty of factors contribute to trigger tenderness. Some of these factors include genetics, environmental impacts, and harsh chemicals.

But, many women with scalp sensitivity have learned and tried hairstyles that require minimal pulling and combing.

Are you also facing a tender head and thus struggling with making hairstyles? Let’s find out the tender scalp-friendly hairstyle, but before that, we should look at what makes you tender-headed

What Are The Potential Causes Of Tender Head?

Do you wonder what causes a tender head? Several things around can be responsible for scalp sensitivity. The following are some of the reasons why your scalp feels a tingling or burning sensation:

  • Food and cosmetic allergies. For this, the culprits can be detergents containing shampoos or conditioners.
  • Using chemotherapy like perms and relaxants on a regular basis.
  • Tension incurred by pulling hair very tightly with bobby pins or head ties.

How Is the Life Of A Tender-Headed Person?

Being tender-headed can be painful, and the pain can range from mild soreness to a full-blown headache. There are instances when the person can feel pain while combing or hair drying. In other instances, the pain may not be felt until the hair is styled. But, when the pain occurs because of styling, the person may like to switch to easy styling options.

Hairstyles To Try For Tender Headed Women

What is the best way to style your hair having a sensitive scalp? Here are some popular and easy hairstyles for tender headed women that you can try:

Roller Sets



Roller sets can be the perfect hairstyle for women. This hairstyle has a vast range, which goes from relaxed to natural and lasts long. Also, compared to other hairstyles, roller sets do not need heating. So, consider this gem of a style that is a love of so many tender-headed ladies.

This style has undeniably great versatility. You can use magnetic rollers, perm rods, curl formers of varying sizes, or any roller to get a wonderful, lasting roller set.

Consider factors like the setting lotion and how well you use it on the rollers to have an excellent roller set.

Wash & Go



Try out the Wash & Go style if you haven’t. It will be a great option if you are tender-headed and can get third, second, or even more days on this hairstyle.

No need to do any twisting or braiding with the Wash & Go style. It lets you rock your curls and waves without much effort.

Clip-In Extensions



When you wear textured hair extensions, you allow more creativity. Doing so lets you experiment with the curl patterns, length, and density and gives an edge to the hairstyles you create. These are easy to apply, and you can switch to another in no time. Make sure that you moisturize the clip-ins, as well.

Knotless Braids



Knotless braids can be your best mate when you are totally into braids and seek better options for heavy box braids. The hairstyle is quite trendy, and there is less hair added in every braid. This ultimately means that your hair will feel less weight, and there will be minimal pulling on the roots.

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Box Braids



Box Braids are among the most common hairstyles you can keep when having a tended head. They are not just easy to maintain but also have great versatility. Try parting them into bigger sections to make them more appealing. This may save your braiding time, and you do not have to spend much time maintaining them.

Faux High Pony



The faux high pony is an easy style that you can put on or remove, like your clip-in extensions. There can be a slight tension on your head, and your real hair remains braided or in a bun.

Crochet Locs



Crochet locs imitate box braids and passion twists. Moreover, they do not bring much tension while styling. Have you ever tried a crocheted style? If you still need to, you should know that your hair is cornrowed, and each loc or braid is looped into the cornrows. A hook is used for doing it. Isn’t it the perfect style for your tender scalp? Try it today!

Plaited Updo



With the plaited updo style, you can take your braids to the next level. This is an amazing hairstyle for tender heads inspired by Yoruba royalty. This hairstyle makes you gasp in appreciation. It also honors our ancestors who developed this intricate and innovative design for caring for their natural hair.  

Faux Three-Strand Braid



A faux three-strand braid is another perfect style for somebody with scalp sensitivity. If you are tender-headed and want the least tension on your scalp, go for a slicked-back faux three-strand braid.

To make it, you must put your curls up into a high bun, tie the braid, and you are all set to go.

What Products To Use When You Have A Tender Scalp?

If you live with a sensitive or tender scalp, you must be wary of the right hair styling tools and hair care products.

Go for the best shampoo and conditioner that can ease your tenderness. Make sure that the products you buy also clear away signs like irritation, oiliness, and itching. You must check that the shampoo or conditioner you choose has a gentle, pH-balanced formula. This will not only protect your scalp but will also be gentle to use every day.

In addition, if you start to feel scalp sensitivity right after switching to a new haircare product, you must immediately stop using that product. 

Do you want to get rid of your tender scalp? If yes, you must look for the right hair grease or hair oil. We recommend Original Tender Head’s Adult Oil, a fantastic product to calm your scalp. The product has a mix of 11 essential oils with no irritants. Try it, and you will start noticing the difference from the first application.


The use of harsh chemicals and environmental impact are some of the major causes leading to scalp tenderness. Having a tender head means that a person has a scalp that is sensitive to touch/brush or has any type of tension. If you ignore the issue, your sensitive scalp can develop into serious hair problems. An itchy, painful scalp is treatable with the right hair care practices.

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