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How to deal with a tender headed child as a parent?

Young children do not like to get their hair brushed or combed. Some scream, run, or hide in anguish, even at the thought of using a hairbrush. Not to mention, it is not easy to raise a tender-headed kid.

Taking your kid to a salon is generally not good as there is a chance of a difficult scene. But the good thing is that there are ways to handle a tender-headed person when in the salon. So, rather than fighting them, all you need to do is apply the tips mentioned in this write-up.

Tips to Handle A Tender-Headed Child

Parents should practice the following tips to deal with their tender-headed kid. When taking them into consideration, you can avoid the discomfort.

Follow Up With A Conditioner

Ensure that you use conditioner after shampooing your child’s hair. Get a detangle spray, hair oil, or hair lotion. But keep in mind your kid’s hair type before using any of these products. There can be a major difference when you are brushing their hair.

Work In Sections

Make partitions in the hair and separate them using clips to make small sections. By doing this, you can work on one area at a time. This detangles bit by bit, and there is less pulling when you comb or brush.

Keep The Child Busy

Television and other devices like mobile phones are some good ways to help kids forget about getting their hair done. You may, too, give them a doll with hair to work on when you’re working. Also, be sure there is plenty of space for the little one to sit. If they aren’t sitting, it would make things more difficult as the kid may start whining or wiggling.

Do Easy-To-Do Hairstyles

It won’t be wrong to neglect the complicated hairstyle and follow the basics with your tender-headed child. This won’t make them feel extra stressed or become traumatized. You can prefer braids, ponytails, buns, pigtails, and other hairstyles. To do these hairstyles, you won’t need to do extra tugging or pulling on the curls.

Go To The End Of Hair, And Up To The Scalp

Detangling hair starts at the ends and goes up to the scalp. It is quite easy, and your little one won’t feel much pain. Hold their hair tightly using one hand on the scalp. Brush with the other hand to lessen tugging on the hair and scalp while brushing.

Be careful when at the nape of the neck and around the ears. These are quite sensitive parts for kids.

Be Careful While Using Shampoo And Dryer

Shampoo can be the main reason for your kid’s tangled hair. You can lessen the chances of tangling by brushing the hair before using shampoo. Try to point the dryer in the direction the hair grows while drying the curls.

You may have major knots in the hair when you blow in the opposite direction. Use a brush or your fingers to separate and guide the hair while drying it.

Try To Do Things Calmly

There’s no need to be frustrated when your tender-headed kid gets upset. There is no point in yelling or scolding them; it will only create more problems. You can promise to offer some chocolate or candy for the children to sit still as they finish. No need to hurry in this situation.

It is understood that you want everything to get done soon, but there is no point to rush. It will create problems like hair pulling and tears.

Be The Professional Of Your Own

It may not be easy when you are in a salon with your child. But, you know how to handle a child and may see better behavior from him or her. As they become used to it, your kid will visit the salon to get their hair done. Hope that this is only a temporary stage.

Use A Microfiber Towel

A bath towel’s coarse fibers have the potential to seriously harm your hair. Your tender-headed youngster can be at risk of tangles or hair breakage if you vigorously rub a bath towel through their damp hair. When hair is wet, they are more prone to damage. If using a bath towel on your child’s hair is necessary, gently separate the hair into parts and wipe the extra moisture from the hair.

Wipe your child’s hair with a microfiber towel. This type of towel has finer threads compared to a normal bath towel. Plus, a microfiber towel is more delicate on your little one’s hair.

Is It Good To Use A Conditioner Recommended By A Salon?

Do not go for a cheap conditioner. These conditioners can be loaded with ingredients mimicking pricey salon brands. But, the cheap ones generally have ingredients that do not meet with the quality of those of salon brands.

The cheap versions have fewer ingredients than what you need to do proper hair conditioning. In addition, you need to use more products for the best-desired outcomes. Don’t buy such products for a kid who is tender-headed.

Your child’s hair must also be moisturized, just like their skin. So, whenever you take your little one to a salon, you can ask the hairstylist to suggest a hair conditioner. The conditioner should be of the top brand and suit your kid’s hair type. Also, change the shampoo if your kid is old enough to say no to the tear-free version.

What Is The Right Way To Use A Conditioner?

On your kid’s hair ends, use the conditioner. Start from the back of the neck if the little one has longer hair. Then, go into the hair gently (comb using your fingers).

Evenly distribute the conditioner if needed. For that, you can also use a wide-tooth comb. Ensure your kid’s hair is not pulling when you do this. Before washing the conditioner, let it be on their hair for some time.

Rinse the entire conditioner unless you are applying a leave-in version. We believe it would be good to buy a leave-in condition and use it regularly on your tender-headed kid.

If you have a regular conditioner, using a hair grease specially designed for a tender head can help your little one greatly. Not only will the hair grease smoothen the hair-detangling process, but it will also make the hair brushing and styling process way less painful for your little one. The Original Tender Head’s Child Hair Grease is an excellent product in this vertical. The product not only makes hair brushing time a happy time but also relieves tenderness and prevents damage to the scalp.

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Products To Take Care Of Your Tender-Headed Child

Your child will surely thank you after you get the right product to soothe their tender scalp. Along with the right hair brush, you should also emphasize buying the best shampoo, conditioner, or oil. Below, we have listed some highly preferable hair products that we recommend for a tender-headed child. Take a glance at them:

Tender Head Hair Grease


Made from 100% natural ingredients, Child Grease can give full nutrition to your kid’s scalp. It can be beneficial for providing the necessary moisture to the scalp. Every ingredient in this product has its own uniqueness, and your child will get the ultimate relief from tenderness. Further, it is free of toxins and other chemical substances. Therefore, there are no side effects.

The key ingredients of this product are:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • St. John’s Wort Oil, Wintergreen Oil
  • Menthol, Camphor Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil
  • Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E

Child Scalp Spray



Child Spray is another incredible formula to protect your child’s scalp from heat and retain moisture. It helps in conditioning, moisturizing, and nourishing hair. With its use, your kid can have a protective layer around his scalp. Natural ingredients that support hair growth and deal with hair problems can be found in this product. These may include:

  • Mineral Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, St. John’s Wort Oil
  • Vitamin E and Menthol
  • Wintergreen Oil, Camphor Oil
  • Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil

Child Oil- A Blend Of 11 Essential Oils


Tender- Head-child-hair-oil

Are you looking for an all-natural hair oil for your tender-headed child? Child Oil can be your best bet. A complete nourishment solution to meet all hair care needs. This product does wonders by revitalizing the damaged hair and providing natural strength to the curls.

For young hair, this oil is just perfect as it is chemical-free. It only contains:

  • Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil, St. John’s Wort Oil, and Wintergreen Oil
  • Camphor Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Peppermint Oil
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Vitamin E
  • Menthol

Do You Need To Take Your Tender-Headed Child To A Dermatologist?

Not able to get the desired results from the above-discussed tips? Then, it may be time for a visit to an expert dermatologist. Taking your little one to a dermatologist can be wise as you can avoid potential troubles that cause tender-headedness.

Your child may have a health problem that is the culprit for the tender spots on their scalp region.

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