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How To Get Rid Of Tender Head? What’s The Solution?

Is your scalp troubling you? This can be a severe situation. If you feel pain when brushing or combing, you can use many things to relieve pain. How to get rid of tender head? Your scalp tenderness can also be an indication of various problems. These problems can be scalp psoriasis, eczema, allergies, etc. Let us first deeply understand why you feel pain in your scalp.

The scalp protects the head, and the hair helps conserve warmth. Some people might experience pain in the area when the hair moves. Home remedies might work to cure the issue. But, there are cases when you may need a visit to a specialist like a dermatologist.

What Causes Scalp Tenderness?

A painful scalp is generally characterized by dandruff flakes, redness, itchiness, and sometimes an infection or medical problem.

Scalp sensitivity is a problem that occurs and may improve with time. But knowing your reasons for feeling scalp soreness is vital. Here are some of them:

Skin Disorders

Dermatitis is one of the skin conditions that might result in serious scalp tenderness. It can cause skin inflammation, swollen skin, and rashes. The symptoms are likely to show when the skin encounters certain things. These can be laundry detergents, certain metals, hair products, etc.


As your unprotected scalp is skin, it is affected by the sun in the same manner as the rest of your body. It can even get severe sunburn.


Furunculosis, folliculitis, and carbunculosis are hair follicle infections that produce scalp pain. These infections are unpleasant, can result in sores, and can be warm to the touch.

Underlying Scalp Condition

A tender head may happen because of some underlying condition that may weaken your skin. A weak scalp becomes less effective at protecting the good stuff, such as moisture, and keeps out the irritants.


Your scalp pain is a result of tension headaches. In addition, stress, depression, and anxiety may make your symptoms worse.


You can experience two types of buildup on your scalp area: natural and product. A natural build happens when dead skin or sebum collects on the scalp. This occurs when you have not washed your head for a long time.

Besides natural, you can also have product buildup. This generally happens when hair products such as dry shampoo, hair spray, or other styling products accumulate on the scalp.

What Are The Signs Of Scalp Tenderness?

While recognizing the signs of tenderness, you can have the earliest chance to detect the problem and seek treatment. The following are the signs of tenderness:

  • Irritation
  • Pain
  • Sensitivity
  • Numbness
  • Itching
  • Tenderness

There are some instances when you don’t see noticeable signs inhibiting scalp tenderness. But, there are no other instances where the condition becomes painfully clear. This generally entails peeling, flaking, and scaling of the skin.

Fixing Your Scalp Pain: The Ideal Solutions

A sensitivity may result in scratching and further damage to your entire scalp area. So, being wary of the right tips to address scalp soreness is essential. Some of them are mentioned below:

Use Massage Oil

One of the best ways to relieve scalp pain is to apply essential oils. These oils are used to treat painful sores. Always dilute essential oils before applying them. After that, using your fingertips, apply it to your hair and massage it gently into the scalp. Do this for 15 minutes, then rinse it with a mild shampoo.

Stop Using Harsh Products

Some products might result in hair allergies. So, it is wise to give up on these products on your hair. Give your scalp some rest, and don’t use anything like chemical shampoo, oil, or conditioner.

Cut Back On Hair Washing

Has your scalp become flaky or peeling? Use a soft brush on your head while it is drying out. If you see any scales or signs of dandruff, you may go through eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Scalp Pain Prevention Measures

When you are wary of the right preventive measures, you can keep your scalp in the best condition. These may include:

  • Use a wide-toothed comb for your hair. Moreover, don’t use harsh dyes, as they might harm your follicles.
  • Stick to a proper exercise regime.
  • Do not spend too much time in the heat, as the sun’s rays can dry out your scalp.
  • Using too many hairstyling and hot tools can harm your scalp. So, avoid using them.
  • Before you purchase any hair care product, read the label on the back of the package. See that they do not contain any harsh or allergic ingredients.

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Does A Visit To A Medical Professional For Scalp Tenderness Necessary?

If you feel pain in your scalp area by touching or brushing your hair, meet a professional like a dermatologist. A doctor’s appointment may be helpful if you experience symptoms like bleeding areas, breakouts, and scaly patches.

Products To Choose To Get Rid Of Tender Head

Are you tense about your scalp sensitivity? You may want to experiment with new products and discover the best solution to underlying hair problems. The following hair care products may work right for you:

The Original Tender Head Adult Spray



Adult Spray is one of the remarkable and beneficial hair sprays adults can use. Since it has non-toxic ingredients, it can be easy on your head. You can opt for this product as a perfect grooming partner for special events like birthdays, costume parties, and many more. Apply it right onto your scalp after using oil. The key ingredients in the Adult Spray contain are:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • St. John’s Wort Oil
  • Wintergreen Oil
  • Menthol

Adult Oil- Blended With 11 Essential Oils



Another hair care product that suits tender heads is Adult oil. It is for almost every hair type. Natural ingredients and extracts are all you get in this hair product, ensuring a hydrated scalp and protected brittle pieces. When you use the Adult Oil regularly, you can have dense growth, shiny texture, and relief from dandruff and itchiness. The list of ingredients in Adult Oil are:

  • Mineral oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Castor oil, grapeseed oil, and St. John’s Wort oil
  • Wintergreen oil, menthol, and camphor oil
  • Lavender oil, eucalyptus oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Vitamin E

Adult Grease- To Make Detangling Smoother



Adult Grease is another product that you can choose for excellent scalp care. It is suitable for every hair type and ideal for scalp hydration. Common hair issues like hair scaling, dandruff, and hair loss may all be controlled with this fantastic product. It comes with the goodness of the following ingredients:

  • Beeswax
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Jojoba oil, coconut oil, and castor oil
  • Grapeseed oil, St. John’s Wort oil, and wintergreen oil
  • Menthol
  • Camphor oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil
  • Vitamin E


When you are backed by the right hair products, you can help your tender scalp to a great extent. If you want the most effective hair care products for treating scalp sensitivity, look no further than The Original Tender Head. We are a renowned brand offering quality products for both adults and children. Make our products a part of your hair care regime. Receive the ideal solutions with The Original Tender Head.

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