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Top 4 Effective Ways To Detangle And Maintain Your Hair

Hair is almost every women’s best friend. And why it shouldn’t be, as it gives a gracious look and boosts confidence when struggling with a bad hair day or severe hair fall. Everyone dreams of having hair that offers a lengthened, voluminous textured, and colored look. Unfortunately, the tangling of hair is one of the crucial issues every woman faces. Tangling happens for various reasons like using low-quality hair extensions, blow drying it too often, using harsh hair care products, inconsistent brushing, etc. Very long and heavy hair gets tangled more easily and frequently than short hair. However, regular and proper hair care and maintenance can prevent it from getting tangled.

Ways To Detangle And Maintain The Hair 

Detangling and maintaining hair is not a tough row to hoe. However, it requires proper care, and the hair will remain healthy and tangle-free for a longer time. In the blog below, we have provided a list of a few practical measures that are sure-shot ways to keep your hair tangle-free. So let’s jump straight to the point.

  1. Brushing Your Hair Often:

Keeping your hair just like that after coming from a party or trying a new hairstyle could cause your hair to get tangled easily. Instead, brush your hair as often as possible to keep them detangled. Always use the right brush according to your hair to avoid damage and unknot the knots. For instance, you can use a paddle brush if you have straight hair; for curly hair, always use a wide-tooth comb when the hair is well-conditioned and wet.

  1. Use Oil And Conditioner 

To keep your hair detangled, use regular oiling and conditioning. It moisturizes your hair and keeps it healthy and tangle-free. Depending on the hair type, you can choose the frequency period of the conditioning. For example, a leave-on conditioner is perfect for hair that gets tangled frequently. Oiling the hair with coconut or olive oil is another best option to keep your hair smooth, silky, and tangle-free.

  1. Washing And Shampooing:

Frequent hair exposure to sunlight causes it to accumulate oil and dust that makes the hair dirty and oily. The accumulation of soil and dirt could lead to knots and tangles of the hair strands. Therefore, we recommend regular shampooing and washing if you are more exposed to sunlight. A mild shampoo followed by a good conditioner, depending on your hair type, would increase its durability. If your hair looks too dry after shampooing, go for a deep conditioning treatment for your hair.

  1. Minimize Heat Damage:

The hair gets damaged when excessive heat treatment is applied. Excessive blow drying could put your hair in a position of irreversible damage. The irreversible damage means you would have to take extreme care of your hair. You can minimize heat damage by using a heat protectant before applying blow drying on your hair. In addition, taking a regular break from applying heat treatment to your hair could help you level down the damage.


The best way to enhance your natural hair locks is to nourish them regularly for an attractive look. It not only keeps your hair free from any damage but will also result in impressive growth. In addition, good quality hair enhances your personality and makes you feel confident. However, regular brushing, oiling, shampooing, and conditioning help maintain the strands and keep them tangle-free. If you are looking for premium quality products to make your hair shine and improve its texture, then you can use the products provided by The Original Tender Head LLC. Visit the website to explore their range of hair products and get them ordered before they go out of stock.

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