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Why Is My Head Tender In One Spot & How To Deal With It?

Feeling pain when combing at a certain spot over your head for some time. Or have a tingling or burning sensation at the spot where you usually tie your hair at. And the thought of touching that spot may be enough to bring a tear to your eyes. The sore spot might now be becoming a concern for you. And your imagination about worst-case scenarios may have started running wild. 

How to put a hold on all this? Well, the answer is finding the right reasoning for “Why is my head tender in one spot?” To find the answer to the question, we have to understand a few things first.

Understanding The Scalp Better

We generally think of the scalp as the place from which the hair grows. But do you know our scalp is home to sebaceous glands, nerve endings, and hair follicles as well? And all of these three have to work properly to keep our scalp healthy and ensure it functions properly. So, if you also thought of your scalp as just an outer covering to your head, it’s time to change your mindset. Also, having a healthy scalp becomes extremely important because of all the critical functions a scalp plays, including containing blood vessels that provide the blood supply to the head and neck.

Why Is My Scalp Hurting Too Much?

What if we say that your nerves are responsible for the pain, tingling, and burning sensations you feel when touching, combing, or styling your hair? While most of us think of the scalp only as a base from which our hair grows, we often ignore the fact that under our scalp is a network of nerves. The tenderness of the head is often related to these nerves. When you strongly pull your hair for styling purposes, the blood vessels of the nerves under your scalp get inflamed. It gives birth to pain, tingling, and burning sensations.

What Causes Scalp Tenderness?

There can be many possible reasons you might be feeling scalp tenderness. Here are different reasons that may be responsible for giving you a tender head. 

Too Tight Hairstyles

Hairstyles that are too tight can pull your hair so strongly that they might end up causing scalp sensitivity. Do you often make high ponytails and feel the tender spot at the place where you usually tie your hair? If yes, this reason is responsible for your scalp sensitivity. To solve the issue, you need to opt for hairstyles that will go easy on your hair and won’t pull them much. Also, to ease the sensitivity, you may opt for scalp-soothing products like Original Tender Head Adult Hair Oil, made especially to soothe the tenderness of the scalp.

Hair Styling Practices

Yes, how you style your hair has a lot of impact on how your scalp feels. Regularly using heating roads or holding the hair dryer too close to your scalp can burn your scalp. It also damages the hair follicles. In extreme cases, the damage caused can be permanent. Thus, you may also face bald patches on the affected area of your scalp. 

Medical Conditions

If you are feeling tender-headed at a certain spot, then it is recommended to check the area carefully. If you feel a knot in the area, then you must seek medical attention. In most cases, these knots do not indicate a bigger health problem. However, it is always better to get the same checked by a healthcare expert. Furthermore, headaches like Migraines can make your nerves extremely sensitive, making even a single touch on your scalp painful. The condition is called “Allodynia,” meaning other pain. 

Sometimes, patients with diabetes and other health conditions that damage the nerves can also face scalp tenderness. Another scalp problem that triggers a tender head is Alopecia, in which one faces a sensitive scalp and extreme hair fall at the same time. 


A bump or injury over your head can also make your head feel tender from a particular spot. And as the injury or bump will heal, the tenderness will go away. However, consulting a medical practitioner is advised if the tenderness doesn’t go away with time. 

How To Care For A Tender Head In One Spot?

Having a tender head, even at one spot, can raise a lot of hair styling and scalp health issues for you. Thus, caring for the tender head in one spot becomes important to soothe the burning, tingling, and painful sensations. 

Set Up A Haircare Routine

Today, when we are becoming so conscious of our skin and have multiple-step skincare routines, haircare has somehow taken a backside. However, your scalp deserves your care as much as any other part of your body. Also, in the name of styling and to combat the latest trends, we keep on damaging our hair and scalp without replenishing it with the moisture it loses. When the situation doesn’t improve with time, the scalp starts to become dry and flaky, making having a gentle hair care routine a requirement. 

To start, you can have a 4 step hair care routine consisting of oil, shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in grease/serum. Also, avoid hairstyles that pull your hair too much.

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Make Smart Swaps

Heating styling products are known to cause the most damage to your hair. Thus, using a hair dryer that blows cool air can be a great swap. Also, using heat-protective creams and serums before using heating roads for styling your hair is a great pick.

Are you still using a single thin bristle comb for all your hair styling requirements? Your hair is the weakest after a wash, and a thin bristles comb can put too much pressure on the untangled hair, leading to more breakage and hair damage. Investing in a wide-bristle wood comb can be a great idea. Another swap you can make is switching your hair towel to a microfiber towel or a cotton shirt to help your hair and scalp.

Double Check What You Are Putting Over Your Scalp

Not every hair care product that claims to help will help. Thus, you have to be extremely careful while picking up the hair products you will be using. Products enriched with oils like Jojoba oil, Castor Oil, and Vitamin E can prove to be a good friend for your scalp and boost hair growth. 

Looking for a brand that is specially designed to help soothe a tender head and can give great results. Original Tender Head is one such brand known to help both adults and children facing tender head issues. Claimed to be very effective by most users, Original Tender Head has adult and children’s product ranges, including hair Oils, Hair Grease, and Soothing Spray. All three products are curated by a blend of 11 oils, Vitamin E, and other ingredients that can deeply condition the scalp and provide relief. 

Take Proper Care Of Skin Conditions

If you are suffering from any skin conditions, taking medications and using medical expert-recommended products is important. Most of us stop caring for a skin condition as soon as it starts healing or when it is in the last stages of healing. However, most often, these conditions trigger back when not cared for properly, and you might have to wait for much longer to have a healed scalp.

Stay Away From The Stress

Staying away from stress will not only help soothe your scalp, but it will have a positive impact on your overall health. While in today’s fast-paced environment, keeping stress away isn’t easy, mindful practices like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing may help. 

Check What You Eat

We are made from the food we eat, and a healthy diet can promote better scalp health. Check the problem foods in your diet that you should consume less or no more. 

For people suffering from bad scalp health, here are 4 problem foods to avoid.

  • Sugar: It may increase the production of Androgen, a hormone that may decrease the size of hair follicles. As a result, your scalp becomes more prone to dandruff and flaky scalp issues.
  • Fishes With High Mercury Content: Mercury travels all along your body and may become a reason for hair fall in the early years of adulthood. Instead, going for fatty fish is recommended.
  • Vitamin Supplements: We often consume vitamin supplements that contain a little of every vitamin, including Vitamin A. However, when the quantity of Vitamin A increases in the body, it may lead to hair fall. Instead, taking vitamin supplements that have a whole lot of one form of vitamin is recommended.
  • Alcohol: Too much alcohol consumption can decrease the Zinc levels in your body. And these decreased levels may promote an itchy scalp. 

Also, taking foods or food supplements that are rich in Vitamin C & E along with antioxidants can help soothe tender heads in one spot.


The scalp is a part of the body that performs various functions and, thus, should be cared for accordingly. Understanding what is responsible for the tender head in one spot is important. Because that’s the only way you could look for a proper treatment and soothe the tender spot on your scalp. Also, if you have a sensitive spot over the scalp that is not going away in 1-2 weeks, consulting a medical expert becomes a necessity.

Lifestyle changes and choosing the right products to put over your scalp can make a lot of difference. Brands like the Original Tender Head are known to provide products that can help soothe a tender scalp without irritating it further. Start today by making a few healthy swaps for your scalp health to prevent tender-headedness in the future. Good luck!

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