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How To Soothe A Tender Scalp?

Having a tender or sensitive scalp means feeling pain every time you touch your scalp. It is something that you have to face every time you decide to wash or style your hair, which is basically every day. The struggles of people with tender head are very different from others. Even the thought of washing their hair sometimes is enough to bring a tear or two in their eyes, and the problem is that the pain never goes away. 

Because of this, search engines get thousands of searches for “how to soothe tender scalp” every day. If you are also someone looking for a helpful answer to the question, congratulations, you have landed at the right place.

What Are The Symptoms of Scalp Tenderness?

Scalp tenderness is the pain, numbness, itching, and irritation that one feels in the scalp area. Generally, a lot of these symptoms can occur together. Further, these symptoms are often related to immune processes in reaction to various conditions.

Some scalp tenderness can happen because of conditions affecting nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. There might be no visible symptoms. But sometimes scalp tenderness can show signs like skin flaking or peeling.

Causes Of Scalp Tenderness

To know how to calm a tender head, first, you must know what is the reason you are feeling the sensitivity. Here are some reasons that may be responsible for you having a tender head. 

Extreme Heat

Excess exposure to heat is among the most widespread causes of a tender scalp. Sun and hairstyling tools like hair dryers and hair straighteners are some sources that cause extreme heat. So, you must avoid sunburn on your scalp area by wearing a hat and also lessen the use of styling tools. Also, try to cut back on the searing hot showers and go for lukewarm water. This will really help you in easing scalp tenderness.

Product Buildup

Do you regularly use dry shampoo? If yes, then you should know that using dry shampoo overly may result in a buildup of residue. This can make the pores clogged and may also cause itchiness and excessive oil production. Ensure that you aren’t applying this product as an alternative for in-shower washes.

Your scalp needs the ideal balance of washing to prevent clogged pores and remove dead skin without overly washing.

Harsh Chemicals

Most haircare products contain harsh chemicals that may irritate your sensitive scalp. When you are treating a tender scalp, you need to avoid parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances strictly. Choose products that are natural and free of harsh chemicals. Our adult spray and adult grease are some of the excellent hair products you can buy. Try them out to give yourself the perfect style without bothering about scalp irritation.

Skin Problems  

Skin problems are other reasons for a sensitive scalp. You may experience signs like itchiness, inflammation, and pain when you have any skin condition. Folliculitis and psoriasis are a few examples of the most common skin conditions that also affect your scalp. You may see tiny-pimple-like bumps on your scalp region if you are having Folliculitis. On the other hand, there are painful, reddish patches along with dandruff-like flaking on the outermost part. 

Solutions To Soothe Scalp Tenderness

Washing your head more carefully and brushing gently are some of the ways to soothe scalp tenderness. Along with that, it is also beneficial to use shampoo and hair oil like our adult oil. All of the natural ingredients in our adult oil are good for keeping your scalp healthy. These include jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and vitamin oil.  

Here is how you can take care of your tender scalp:

Keep The Potential Irritants At Bay 

Have you been trying new shampoos or oils or a combination of multiple products? Did you feel irritated after the use? If so, then you must cut back on them and see whether you feel any difference.

Stick To Your Hair Care Regime

You should not leave your hair or scalp feeling excluded. Do regular shampooing and conditioning as it may help manage scalp tenderness. If you don’t do so, you might feel a sore scalp.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals And Exposure To Heat

Using products that are packed with harsh chemicals can be a major reason for scalp tenderness. It may even make things worse if you do not cut back on them. Use some of the best natural products like our Adult Grease or Adult Oil. 

Use Essential Oils

A dried-out, damaged scalp needs some sort of protection. So, you should massage your scalp with essential oils that will not just provide nourishment but also raise circulation in the scalp region.



Ways To Prevent Scalp Tenderness

Consider the following tips to prevent your scalp problem:

  • Spend less time going out in the sun.
  • Avoid using any chemical substance like dyes. It may lead to damage to your hair.
  • Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips in a circular motion.
  • Stay away from hairstyling devices such as flat irons, curlers, and blow dryers.
  • Use scalp masks that contain soothing ingredients such as avocado oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil.
  • Avoid sharing anything like towels, bands, and hair ties with anyone.
  • Give your scalp a therapeutic massage by applying essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint.

How Much Time Does It Take To Heal A Tender Scalp? 

By having the right treatment and a little change in your lifestyle, you can alleviate scalp tenderness in no time. Your scalp may take about a week to start returning to its normal condition. But, if the tenderness doesn’t calm even after a month of getting the treatment, seek medical attention.

What Vitamin Deficiency Is Responsible For Scalp Tenderness?

Lack of vitamins B6, B3, and B2 may result in scalp problems like tender scalp. So, you should keep up a balanced diet and eat foods that are good for scalp health. Your diet may include leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, meat, and fish.

What Are The Best Haircare Products For Tender Head? 

People with tender heads are often recommended to use products with no harsh chemicals and will go gentle on their scalp. Also, products that are specially curated to soothe a tender head may help get better results. If you are also looking for hair care products that will help you soothe a tender scalp, here are a few recommendations you should try:

Tender Head Hair Oil



Dryness of the scalp is one of the most common reasons for having a tender head. A dry scalp can easily become a ground for dandruff and other infections. Oil massages before a wash are the best way to deal with the issue. However, not every oil contains all the minerals required for proper scalp nourishment. Thus, dermatologists recommend using a blend of essential oils and vitamin E to ensure complete nourishment.

However, who has the time or energy to buy different oils, add them together in the right quantities to make a mix and then apply it over the scalp? Especially when we have a lot to do every day, we rarely find some time to relax. Tender Head’s Adult Oil is an excellent solution to this issue. The oil contains a blend of 11 essential oils along with Vitamin E to ensure complete nourishment to the scalp. Also, as the oil is specifically formulated to soothe tender scalp, it has no irritants, and you can see the difference from the first use. 

Tender Hair Grease



If you have a tender scalp, detangling your hair after a wash must be the most painful experience for you. However, not detangling your hair properly can give rise to many other scalp problems. So, what to do? Well, all you need is a hair grease made from soothing elements.

Tender Head Hair Grease is a blend made to help those with sensitive scalps in combing and styling their hair. All you need is to put a little amount of grease on your palms and then apply it to the strands of your hair moving upward. It will help smoothen the tangles and make combing and styling way less painful. Also, the ingredients, such as Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and vitamin E, are good nourishment for your hair and will prevent hair breakage.

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