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What Causes Tender Spots On Your Head & How To Get Relief?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt a strange pain at the roots of your hair? And, just sliding down the tight ponytail rubber makes you feel so relaxed? Yes, you guessed it right! This pain is of tender spots on your head. Feeling this pain and touching these spots may be enough to bring tears to your eyes. You might think,” Why are there tender spots on your head?” Scalp tenderness can occur due to several reasons. 

But, when we know these reasons, we can take steps to avoid scalp tenderness. In this blog, we have briefly explained: “what causes tender spots on your head.” Read on to find all the answers, but before we jump onto the reasons, let’s understand a few things first. 

What Is Scalp Tenderness?

Scalp tenderness is common, but it can still cause pain and discomfort. Scalp tenderness can have a different meaning according to different people, and because of this, reasons may vary. However, some common symptoms may occur to anyone. 

  • Throbbing 
  • Sensitivity 
  • Scalp pain 
  • Soreness 

Symptoms of Tender Spots On Your Head 

Scalp tenderness can be described as pain, tingling, sensitivity, or numbness of the scalp. Generally, some of these symptoms can occur altogether. 

Some tenderness is caused by the effect on blood vessels, tissues, and nerves below or near the scalp. Usually, the symptoms of tenderness are not visible. Sometimes, you may notice scaling and flaking of the skin because of scalp tenderness.

The occurrence of scalp tenderness is unknown, but the symptoms are still common. Common symptoms of tender spots on your head are allergies, headaches, hair loss, and more. 

Why Do You Have Tender Spots On Your Head?

There may be different causes of tender spots on your head. Below, we mentioned some common causes that may give you a tender head. 


Dermatitis can cause due to redness, itchiness, and dry skin. Other reasons like an overactive immune system, allergies, irritating substances, and genetics can also cause the issue. 


Scalp infections, such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, or parasites, can cause tender spots over the head. These infections can irritate your scalp and can create soreness. 

There are different types of infections that affect differently: 


Folliculitis is an infection of hair follicles.


This infection may affect your hair follicles and their glands.


This infection occurs when boils, known as painful pus-filled bumps, occur over your scalp. It creates a group under the skin because of an infection. 

Infection of hair follicles may cause symptoms like irritation, itching, and pain. 


Due to sunburn, your scalp skin can be damaged, leading to irritation and pain in the scalp. Some symptoms of sunburn are: 

  • Swelling 
  • Blisters 
  • Redness on the scalp 
  • Dry and peeling skin 

If it is a severe burn, you may experience confusion, faintness, dehydration, shock, and confusion. 

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are one of the most common causes of headaches. Generally, it happens in the neck and behind the eyes. 

People who suffer from tension headaches feel the sensation of a feeling tight rubber wrapped around their heads. The pain that you suffer at the time of tension headache may cause scalp tenderness. 

Hair Extensions

People use hair extensions to add length or fullness to their hair. But, it can cause discomfort in the scalp due to various reasons. 

How To Treat Tender Spots On Your Head?

Treatments may depend on the symptoms and causes. Special products like Original Tender Head Adult Oil and Adult Grease can help eliminate dry, itchy, and flaky scalp. 

Try out some new products, brush your hair gently, and wash your hair more carefully. Ibuprofen and other medications can provide you relief from headaches or inflammation. 

Certain essential oils, like Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, or Castor Oil, can help you with hair growth, dandruff control, prevent breakage, and more! But, if you apply an undiluted gestational oil on your scalp, that may worsen your symptoms. Remember, you should always first dilute the oil. 

When you apply an essential oil, test a small patch on your skin or forearm. Wait till 24 hours whether it is reacting on your skin. If it does not have any reaction on your skin, then it is okay to use that mixture on your scalp. 

Massage the mixture softly on your hair and scalp. Let it stay for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it well with water. Suppose first-line treatment does not provide you with any relief. Then, according to your symptoms, you should seek help from a medical professional.

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How To Care For Tender Spots On Your Head

Having tender spots on your head can lead to many scalp health and a lot of styling problems. That is why taking care of tender spots on your head is important to eliminate issues like tingling, burning, and painful sensations. 

Hair Care Routine Is A Must

If I ask you one question, are you more conscious about your skin or hair? I know most people will say we care about both of them. But, somehow, following multiple skincare steps, we forget to have a hair care routine. Like other parts of the body, your scalp also needs special care. We all just think styling hair in different styles and daily combing hair keep the hair healthy. But, these things are not enough for the hair. They just damage the hair, and hair loses its moisture. 

The scalp becomes flaky and dry if the situation does not improve with time. Thus, a hair care routine is a must to keep your hair healthy. 

You can do your hair care routine in just a few simple steps: 

  • Oiling 
  • Shampooing 
  • Conditioning 
  • Applying grease or serum 

Also, do not try hairstyles requiring too much hair-pulling. 

Avoid Using Heating Products More Frequently

Heating products cause more damage to your hair. You can use some other alternatives that do not damage your hair. For instance, you can use a hair dryer that blows cool air. Moreover, you can also use heat protectants like sprays or creams before using heat products on your hair. 

Ensure That You Are Using The Right Products On Your Scalp

Maybe not every hair care product will be suitable for an individual. Looking at this, you have to be more careful while choosing the products for your hair. Products consisting of essential oils like Castor Oil, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E are proven to be good for your scalp and promote hair growth. 

Don’t Take Much Stress

Not taking much stress helps your scalp to soothe, and not just that, it also helps your overall health. Keeping yourself away from stress is not easy in this busy world. But doing things that keep your mind relaxed, like yoga, deep breathing, and meditation, may help. 

Maintain A Good Diet

What food we consume directly impacts our health, and of course, good health means a healthy scalp. Keep a check on those foods that are affecting your scalp health. 

Here is an overview of those problem foods. 

Greasy Food

Yes, we know fried or greasy stuff is delicious. But having these kinds of food affects your health and can overstimulate the oil glands in your body and the scalp. It can cause problems like dandruff, hair fall, and thinning of hair. 


Fish has been a preference for people who are conscious about their health. But, certain kinds of fish can affect hair and scalp. Keep yourself away from fish that contain high fat. For example, king mackerel, swordfish, grouper, and marlin bluefish. Do not eat these fish more than three times a month.


Sugar leads to an increase in the production of Androgen. Androgen is a type of hormone that may be responsible for reducing the size of hair follicles. Thus, you can experience scalp issues like dandruff and a flaky scalp. 


The scalp is a major component of overall health, and it is essential to take care of it to avoid embarrassment, hair loss, and discomfort. Understanding the causes of tender spots on your head, including Dermatitis, Infections, Sunburn, and more, can help you take important steps to promote overall scalp health. But, if you are constantly experiencing tender spots on your head, seeking help from a medical expert is the best solution.

 Are you looking for a brand that can help soothe a tender head and provide great results? Brands like Original Tender Head provide the best products that help to soothe your tender scalp without any side effects. So, start with some effective changes in your hair care routine to prevent tender spots on your head in the future!

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